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I coach like I do puzzle

I challenged myself recently. I wanted to do a puzzle.

This is a special puzzle. There is an image on each piece. All the images together form a bigger image which is the puzzle. 

I need to bring 1000 pieces together but I can't be helped by the colors because it is in black and white.

I love doing puzzles. I discovered that I did this puzzle the same way as I coach. I went mentally through the same steps I go through during a session with my clients.




1) Keep the end in mind : I keep looking at the model on the box. That is the step I want to reach.

Coaching tool: the miracle question

2) Determine your current state: I evaluate where I am now. I look at what I have done until now and I look also at what I still have to accomplish to reach my goal.
Coaching tool: the scaling question (from 1 to 10)

3) Search for resources and strengths: I use previous positive experiences to get to know what worked for me and what I can reproduce in the current situation. For example, in this case, I tried to find out how I managed to do other puzzles.
Coaching tool: Coping question

4) Take action : once I know my previous strategies, I apply them. For example, I started to collect all the pieces with a border to start the puzzle by putting together the edge. I also found specific pieces (no head, no hole but a zigzag border) that I manage to put together.
Coaching tool: Action plan and baby steps

5) Celebrate : I celebrate my successes i.e. I enjoy every small step I took. For example I showed to somebody how far I got in the puzzle. I also enjoyed a break after bringing certain pieces together.
Coaching tool: compliments

6) Adapt your strategy : I continue doing what works and stop doing what is not working. I tried to put together the images on the pieces. After 30 minutes of intense research for a specific piece, I gave up. And I looked for another strategy to move on.
Coaching tool: always follow the coachee. If a tool does not help him/her, I change and find something which is useful for the coachee.

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It could be a year. It is actually a number. And this number will haunt your nights if you ever start playing this game:

Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. The goal is to get 2048 on one tile.

I like in this game:
- the simplicity of the rules
- there is no time limit or running clock
- it reminds me of sudoku which is a game I love
- it is easy enough to get close to the result (I manage regularly to have 1024 on a tile) but it is at the same time hard enough to not win the first time you try (try different strategies, learn by doing how the game works and opportunistic moves)

Let's play everybody! And don't forget to sleep sometimes! ;-)

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Life is like Sudoku

Do you know this game? I love it!

Every time you fill a square with a number, it helps you find the next number, and the next number. And little by little, you fill in your grid! Everything is logical; everything is natural.

And life is like Sudoku. Every time you meet somebody, you read a book, or even walk on the street, you design new opportunities, you open new doors (consequences of your actions). And little by little, you fill in the page, the chapter and the book of your life. Everything is logical; everything is natural.

Sometimes though, you get stuck. I play the evil level right now. And I can't always fill in my grid the first time I try. So I start working on another grid and come back later on the one I am stuck. Most of the time it works! My fresh perspective allows me to find the number to fill in the entire grid.

One grid resisted me several months. I couldn't find the solution. I was really stuck. I tried several strategies. There was no way to find any new number. Finally, I managed to find the solution on my own. How did I do that? The other grids I filled in trained me and I came up with a new strategy, a new idea. Something I had never tried before. THAT was what I needed to find the next number on my grid.

People, when you are stuck, get some fresh air, try a new perspective to approach your problem and continue learning/practicing! All things come to him who waits. YOU HAVE THE SOLUTION IN YOU! And if you don't find it on your own, with my help in a coaching session, you will.

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