Happiness at work

I read this week-end some pages of Tal Ben-Shahar's book. And I remember finding really interesting one idea in particular: there are 3 ways of considering your work position.




1) A job
You have to work. You have this job for the check. That's it.

2) A career
You are interested in the money, the power, the aura, etc. given by this work position.

3) A calling
The check and the opportunities of evolution are important but you have other motivations. You have this work position because it fulfills you. You are passionate. You feel honored to have this work position and there is no need to force you to work because you love what you are doing.


You probably guessed that the more you tend to the third category, the happiest at work you are.


Ask yourself:
- what makes me happy in my job? what tasks do I love to do?
- where are my strengths? how can I use them even better than currently?
- if I had my dream job, which one would it be? what would I be doing?
- what can I do (even a small step) toward this dream position?

Let me know your answers to the questions in your comment!

Posted on September 10, 2014 .