A bit every day

I read an article about how to transfer knowledge at work. And the best practice seems to be: doing it a bit every day. So I thought more about it.

Can we apply this principle to other areas in life?
It is better to proceed step by step rather than in a hurry, isn't it?
It is better to anticipate rather than to think at the very last minute, isn't it?
It is better to see on long term rather than on short term, isn't it?
It is better to try to think of an action plan rather than to simply react in the situation, isn't it?

I, personally, hate working under pressure. I like anticipating and being informed in advance of what is going to happen. So I can prepare myself. I know that I can think better when I am not stressed by my environment (time, other projects to deal with, colleagues who ask for updates, etc.).
What I do? I make few small tasks from a big one. So I can move forward easily little by little. I look also a lot in the future so I can think of different scenarii and prepare myself for each situation. I try also to achieve immediately or as soon as possible small projects. That way they are not on my to-do list anymore and I can focus on big projects.

And you? What are your strategies to be efficient on a long term basis?

Posted on August 6, 2014 .