I registered on the couchsurfing website several years ago.

At the beginning, it was to be hosted for free. And little by little I found other great reasons to use this website. I met members of the community. I hosted couchsurfers at my place. I went to meetings and events organized by couchsurfers. I participated in group discussions about different topics.

My profile is now pretty well filled. I have more than 50 positive references. And I used this website to meet people living in the cities I was visiting. Some of those people hosted me. Others did not.

This website is a wonderful resource. You have access easily to local people's knowledge about their city. You can help by hosting travelers or showing them around. It's a window opened on travels and on people who want to share valuable moments with you.

What are you waiting for? Register now (for free) and discover new opportunities online among this awesome community!

Posted on August 13, 2014 and filed under Abroad.