I coach like I do puzzle

I challenged myself recently. I wanted to do a puzzle.

This is a special puzzle. There is an image on each piece. All the images together form a bigger image which is the puzzle. 

I need to bring 1000 pieces together but I can't be helped by the colors because it is in black and white.

I love doing puzzles. I discovered that I did this puzzle the same way as I coach. I went mentally through the same steps I go through during a session with my clients.




1) Keep the end in mind : I keep looking at the model on the box. That is the step I want to reach.

Coaching tool: the miracle question

2) Determine your current state: I evaluate where I am now. I look at what I have done until now and I look also at what I still have to accomplish to reach my goal.
Coaching tool: the scaling question (from 1 to 10)

3) Search for resources and strengths: I use previous positive experiences to get to know what worked for me and what I can reproduce in the current situation. For example, in this case, I tried to find out how I managed to do other puzzles.
Coaching tool: Coping question

4) Take action : once I know my previous strategies, I apply them. For example, I started to collect all the pieces with a border to start the puzzle by putting together the edge. I also found specific pieces (no head, no hole but a zigzag border) that I manage to put together.
Coaching tool: Action plan and baby steps

5) Celebrate : I celebrate my successes i.e. I enjoy every small step I took. For example I showed to somebody how far I got in the puzzle. I also enjoyed a break after bringing certain pieces together.
Coaching tool: compliments

6) Adapt your strategy : I continue doing what works and stop doing what is not working. I tried to put together the images on the pieces. After 30 minutes of intense research for a specific piece, I gave up. And I looked for another strategy to move on.
Coaching tool: always follow the coachee. If a tool does not help him/her, I change and find something which is useful for the coachee.

Posted on April 23, 2014 and filed under Tools, Games.