Story of Inspiraction

I wanted to share my experiences with a maximum amount of people and thereby help other people to make their dreams come true.

My goal is to give access to anybody to the coaching power because there is no reason why it should be reserved for a part of the population. Don't hesitate to contact me should you want me to support you in your goals, whatever they are because:

He who becomes the slave of habit, who does not risk certainty for uncertainty to thus follow a dream, dies slowly.
— Pablo Neruda, 1921, Die Slowly

Inspiraction was launched on March 1st, 2014. I hope that you will get inspiration for your actions on this website.


In the future, I want to get specialized in intercultural coaching.


March 1 2014



Feb.-Jul. 2013








MY JOURNEY: How did I get until now?

Launching of the website

Continuing Education at the University of Toronto
Solution-Focused Brief Coaching

Coached by Julie CHERON on my project of "writing a book"

Distance coaching with Danilo GARGIULO, coach and trainer for coaches

Thesis: "The intercultural seminar is useless!" Analysis of its role in the French-German relationship between two companies

APPI Course (Professional Project on the International platform) at IGS by Luc NGUYEN-ANGELOT

International Management Course at IGS by Luc NGUYEN-ANGELOT

Helper in two disabled teenagers' lives

Born and raised up with disabled people hosted at home



Learn and use tools. Build my methodology and my toolbox 

Coachee status, Experience another coaching methodology

Concepts to start my own business in coaching, Supervision of my practice

French-German, expats, intercultural relationship, culture

Impact of a good coaching in somebody's life

Met Sylvie DAY . First steps with intercultural coaching

Difference between to assist, to help, and to support/to coach

Inspired by my parents' job